This is Ri-Goddamn-diculous

Yes, Ayn Rand could have used an editor to cut at least a third of the book, and maybe John Galt is a little too perfect, but don’t ever again say that the antagonists in Atlas Shrugged — the looters, moochers, regulators, and the incompetent economic royalists — aren’t lifelike.

Hell, the bad guys in Atlas Shrugged actually come off better than this lot.

Bend over cause here it comes.

The legislation would redraw how money flows through the U.S. economy, from the way people borrow money to the way banks structure complicated products like derivatives. It could touch every person who has a bank account or uses a credit card.

And then this.

The government would have broad new powers to seize and wind down large, failing financial firms and to oversee the $600 trillion derivatives market. In addition, a council of regulators, headed by the Treasury secretary, would monitor the financial landscape for potential systemic risks.

Incompetence? Oh yes. We have it in spades.

“No one will know until this is actually in place how it works,” (says Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate.)


  1. Frank R says:

    Dodd’s comment sums it all up. This crowd, both sides actually, passes crap legislation on the excuse that something must be done. They lard it up with favors, taxes and regulations for things on which they have no understanding whatsoever. Then they blame the market when things don’t work.

  2. Bildo says:

    “Then they blame the market when things don’t work.”

    That pretty much sums up the entire subprime scandal that led us to where we are now. The government forced banks to make loans to people who could not afford to pay them back, then blamed “banker’s greed” when those people (shockingly) didn’t pay them back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “… who never held a productive job”

    Are you the pot or the kettle, Garrison? How much booze do you have to drink to spout this trash?

  4. I drank enough to not mind getting on your mom, anonymous.

  5. Frank R says:

    Where would these discussion be without Anonymous’ witty and well informed contributions.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Exactly, Frank, Without anonymous, this would be Trey’s ‘libertarian’ gun-nut echo chamber.

  7. FrankR says:

    Anon, do you understand the word “facetious?”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I understand that you and Trey think of yourselves as witty fellows.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t be the only one looking a Trey Garrison’s picture and thinking he looks like a mangy raccoon.