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The Female Privilege Checklist (courtesy mepersoner)

1) Due to anti-discrimination laws, if I compete against a man for a job, all other things equal, I’ll get the job because it’ll look good on paper.

2) I can use sex appeal to get practically anything I want from any male at any time.

3) If somebody says something derogatory towards my partner, I will not be expected to fight that person.

4) If I hit a man and he hits me back – he’ll get the jail time.

5) I can sexually harass men as much as I want, and if they complain they’re gay.

6) If I ever rape a man, he won’t say anything for fear of being labeled a pussy. If he does say something, he’ll probably just be laughed at.

7) If I ever beat up a man, he won’t say anything for fear of being labeled a pussy. If he does say something, he’ll probably just be laughed at.

8 ) If he doesn’t orgasm when we have sex, it’s his fault.

9) If I don’t orgasm when we have sex, it’s his fault.

10) I’m in charge in the relationship regardless of what any book says.

11) If I have kids and split from the father, I’ll get the kids.

12) …and he’ll have to pay me.

13) If I pursue a career I’m commended as being an empowered female.

14) Anytime I do well in business, the media will look at me as some messiah because I’m a woman. Everyone will be impressed.

15) My parents were more loving to me and harder on my brothers.

16) As a child I was taught necessary skills to survive in the world on my own, such as better communication skills and the ability to make food.

17) If I cry everyone huddles around and hugs me, telling me to feel better.

18) If I get angry or sad, I can blame it on it being “that time of the month.” Everyone will understand.

19) Worst case scenario I need to lose some weight and use makeup to be attractive, unlike guys who are either attractive or they aren’t.

20) If I like to spend money, it’s expected.

21) If I have sex with a lot of people, I maybe labeled a slut, but that just means more people will try to have sex with me.

22) There is a wide variety of different styles and types of clothing available to me. Same goes for jewelery and perfumes.

23) I’m taught the skills necessary to make it on my own, but that it’s okay to rely on others – unlike a males who generally aren’t taught to even cook and that they must compete over every last little thing. If they lose, they’re lesser men.

24) If a crime is committed against me, the punishment will always be worse than it would be for committing it against a man.

25) Regardless of how much or how little I do around the house, I can nag my boyfriend/husband for not doing enough and he’ll put up with it.

26) If I get pregnant, regardless of what the father wants, I can choose to abort the child or not abort the child.

27) If I make more money than my husband, people will think more of me and less of him.

28) If I look down I can expect everyone, even complete strangers, to care and tell me to cheer up or smile. They’ll do little extra things to try and make me feel better.

29) If I don’t want to have sex early on, people don’t wonder if I’m gay.

30) I have the privilege of being fully aware of these advantages, and I use them in excess.


  1. Lanzman says:

    Hope you like sleeping on the couch, Trey . . .

  2. Prufrock says:

    “Yay menstruation! Crying in public! Impractical clothing!”
    :\ Yeah, sounds like a lot of privilege there.

  3. Chris in Big D says:

    Send that to Andrea Grimes over at the Observer. It’s good for a guaranteed 500-word Unfair Park posting about the misogynistic evils of men. Good times!

  4. Peterk says:

    perfecto! now just find one for a certain minority