NYT: All the News Unfit for Informed Readers

In one story we see everything wrong with the sheltered, uninformed readership of the New York Times.


And in one paragraph within that one story, we see what lies at the heart of everything wrong with the New York Times.

But one day it occurred to me: how would they know? All of these buzzy social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter sort of crept up on us. The government never mailed fliers to every household explaining what it’s all about.

Emphasis mine. As if I really needed to add that.

I mean, just, wow.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to recalibrate your hyperbole and sarcasm detectors, Garrison. As usual, you’re going off half-cocked again. Lots of people have no idea what twitter is, or linkedin, etc. Think first, then write

  2. Frank R says:

    It’s imaginable that a significant number of people don’t know what twitter is. Perhaps even a healthy handful of working people have never heard of Linkedin. Perhaps. Even those folks, however, would be outside of the mainstream of contemporary culture. If, however, there exist anyone who has not heard of or does not know what Facebook is, they most definitely live under a rock. One can’t escape hearing about Facebook.

  3. Frank R says:

    More to Trey’s point, however, the notion that we are only informed when the government sends out flyers is scary, not matter how facetious the comment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “…the notion that we are only informed when the government sends out flyers is scary.” So are spiders and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. I mean, just, yawn.

  5. tim_lebsack says:

    Damn post office probably lost the memos.


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