Arrested for Contempt of Cop

Let’s first say yes, the cameraman is a being a total dick, but in America you have the right to be a total dick. He’s also a conspiracy loon (“New World Order”, “Illumati scum” and so on.) But you have the right to be that, too.

So having said that, let’s go to the tape.

Search without consent? Check.

Violation of the 4th amendment? Check.

Anger over being videotaped in public doing the public’s work? Check.

Arrest cameraman for exercising his free speech rights? You betcha it’s a check.

Skip to the 5:50 mark.

If you have any doubts, they charged him with a felony and then dropped all charges the next day.


  1. Anonymous says:

    “…in America you have the right to be a dick.”

    Try not to abuse it.

  2. tim_lebsack says:

    Disorderly Conduct – very broad term.
    Cops are trained to treat the non-compliant as a lower level of humanity. The growing term for these people is “mundane”. That’s me, you, anyone who doesn’t comply with the program.

  3. tim_lebsack says:
  4. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a nut bag and wasting tax payer money.