In Print and Online: My Column on the UT Shooting

My column on the University of Texas incident is online now.6a00d83451b26169e201156f401601970c-300wi

You can read it here.

A good friend posted this to me, and she’s absolutely right.

Funny that most of the national coverage hearkened back to Va. Tech. Those of us whose blood runs burnt orange immediately flashed back to the history we were taught (or lived) about Whitman. It’s a big freshman lore experience to search fo r Whitman’s bullet holes, which are still pretty easy to find if you are told where to look.

When I was in school, the Tower observation deck was still closed. And at the time of Whitman’s rampage, there were no campus police, and no arms on campus. Civilians helped take Whitman out. They shot up at him (along with police), making him take cover and hampering his aim, which probably saved lives. An armed civilian was also part of the four-man team that eventually took him out at the top of the Tower.

I wanted to include these facts about the original campus killer, Charles Whitman, but I couldn’t fit it all in with a 600 word limit. Thanks Lesley.

And thank you to Sharon Grigsby and Mike Hashimoto for helping me bring this across the finish line yesterday.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s the best ratio of congealed gun carriers to unarmed sheep to keep crime the lowest? Do we all need to be packing heat, or just some of us?

  2. There isn’t. Just knowing someone or several someones in any crowd might be carrying is a huge deterrent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, sure, but what about all those sissies who are afraid of guns, or can’t afford a gun, or just don’t want to carry a gun because it messes up their sleek appearance? I’m guessing that everyone who wants to walk around 24/7 packing heat is already doing it, regardless of the rules and regulations. Where was Paladin when this latest goombah went berserk?

    I know you’re just dying to shoot someone, Trey. Just wait, you’ll get your chance soon enough.

  4. tim_lebsack says:

    Dallas Police do not need guns.

  5. Trey:

    I read your article in today’s Dallas paper. I am the founder of a fledgling non-profit organization called “NOVAS” which stands for No Victims at Schools. The motto of the organization is “Gun free zones are shooting spree zones”. Our purpose is to raise the awareness of school districts, city counsels, and state legislatures to the inherent dangers of gun free zones, and to get them abolished. Gun Free Zone laws only provide prosecutors additional charges to pile on in the event a shooter is caught and taken alive. These laws in no way protect our children from victimization; they do in fact guarantee it once the first bullet flies. I would like to open a conversation with you regarding your article and the goals of NOVAS. I hope to hear from you on this matter.

    R. Scott Stone

  6. Sam Merten says:

    While my colleague disagrees, Trey, I say well done, sir. Besides, Schutze’s a pinko liberal Commie hippie (his words, not mine).

    And Grigsby and Hash are two standouts at the DMN for sure.

  7. Thanks Sam.

    The question is, what’s with Andrea? I thought fat people were more jolly than that.

  8. Peterk says:

    for those wondering what it must be like to live in a town where everyone is required to own a gun check out this story by the Financial Times about Kennesaw, Ga

  9. Matt says:

    Here’s what happens when there’s a school shooting and someone else gets involved.