A Near Darwin Moment

KeystoneKopsSo if I’m reading this right, some guys dressed as cops broke into a home, beat the crap out of the residents, and took their stuff.

The residents called the real cops — the Dallas Police Department — which didn’t respond for three hours.

When the DPD dispatch did respond, they sent a cop in an unmarked car.

Resident not at the hospital sees this fishy scene — the cop in an unmarked unit arriving some three hours after the 911 call — and gets scared. She fires a shot at the car.

That’s my takeaway?

Seriously, this has to be made up. Three hours after the 911 call, the DPD sends an unmarked car to a house where the home invaders broke in dressed as cops.


  1. Paladin says:

    And then she gets arrested, to boot.

    Granted, firing off a shot at someone when they get out of their car is pretty stupid. I’d like someone to take a lot more care in target assessment before pulling the trigger. However, the way the police handled it wasn’t mensa material either.

  2. CraigT says:

    Lots of blame to share on this one. As trey pointed out there was the keystone cops routine of both taking 3 hours to respond to a 911 call. But there is still plenty of blame left for a woman who fires on the cop before he can even get out of his car. The cop should be disciplined, as should the supervisor who sent him there, but I don’t think arresting the lady and pressing charges for her reckless discharge of a firearm in a residential area is out of bounds.

  3. Tim R. says:

    File this under: Cops acting within the parameters of their normal. All ego, no brains.

  4. Omar Little says:

    This was a straight rip-and-run! Know what that is? When peoples rob drug dealers by impersonating swat or cops! Yeah they stole more than a tv; they stole a stash and some bread.