But I Don’t Want to Be A Pirate ‘Patriotic’

(Headline hint: Seinfeld, puffy shirt)


  1. FrankR says:

    That an administration populated by the likes of Geithner who can’t get his taxes right promotes higher taxes as patriotic would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. Few liberals have any notion of what percentage of the taxes is paid by the top 5-10%. When told, they typically scoff in disbelief. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

  2. Greg says:

    Trey, I’m laughing at your lonesome monologue with yourself on FrontBurner’s recent “I’m Not Buying It” post only because you don’t realize that other, perfectly civil comments there are being deleted solely because they don’t conform to the approved FrontBurnervian social banter style as recently celebrated at the Granada. It would have been nice to see other commentary both for and against the position you took there, but because you have been the only FB-approved insider monkey to comment there so far without being deleted, you’re just talking to yourself.

    What’s worse than not being a Libertarian? Being a Libertarian pre-approved as safe for the Big House as you seem to be, sadly, through no fault of your own.