Schutze: A Man Crush

He and I will never see eye to eye on so much, but this is why I can’t quit him:

Two things. First, I would like for people to quit bitching about my photo. One guy wrote in that he found it “disturbing.” Well, WTF, Einstein. It’s not meant to be a sympathy card.

Second: Another guy wrote in with a really good idea yesterday. I had written about how the city is persecuting Robert Groden, the Kennedy assassination guy, because he’s selling his books and magazines in Dealey Plaza without a Dealey Plaza Literature Sales Permit or DPLSP, which, I should mention, is a term I made up. And here is why I made up such a term:

The city has taken Groden to court on a charge of selling literature in Dealey Plaza without a permit allowing him to sell literature in Dealey Plaza. But there is no such thing as a permit to allow anybody to sell literature in Dealey Plaza.

I was pointing out that this is the kind of Kafkaesque/Soviet bullshit that Dallas City Hall thinks is clever. Fine the guy for not having a permit. But then when he tries to go get one, tell him that no such permits exist.

I had written before about City Hall security and the requirement that members of the press present credentials at certain types of events. But in Dallas there is no such thing as an official press credential. So I said I just make mine on the copying machine with some cheap laminating sheets you can buy by the box.


  1. DallasMedia says:

    Don’t tell me you sympathize with this Robert Gorden figure. He’s a dangerous man with too much power! Everybody is listening to this guy! He’s on the verge of breaking the Conspiracy WIDE OPEN! Besides, Mr. Anti-Obama, in case you missed it, the Supreme Court just ruled cops can enter homes whenever they want. Does this “Robert Gorden” even have a home? Get the bums off the street! Your move Garrison.