Bullshit Buzzwords of PC Totalitarianism

With a hat tip to a new favorite blog Your Philosophy Sucks, this is just awesome.

Pictured: A half-witted Marxist twat

Pictured: A half-witted Marxist twat

I mean, even a half-witted Marxist twat sounds intelligent with an English accent.

So couple it with sound, biting commentary and you got gold.


  1. PeterK says:

    you’re just now discovering Pat? he’s great

  2. Late to the party again. Got a link to his other stuff?

  3. Dommerdog says:

    That would’ve sounded intelligent with any accent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Texas demographer: ‘It’s basically over for Anglos’


    Well Garrison, I hope all those 85-IQ, illiterate Mestizo illegals will make good Libertarians. LULz.

  5. keith johnson says:

    Actually anonymous they’ll be drawn like moths to a flame to the American Communist Party, aka the Democrats.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, Keith, with rhetorical skills like yours and Garrison’s on their side, you’ll be able to suck all the [racist slur for Hispanics redacted] into the US Corporafascist God and Guns Party, aka Republicans.

    [Editor's note: Knock off the racist crap, anonymous. I'm pretty tolerant of comments no matter how cutting, but I won't let you post racist crap here. -TG]