Dallas Hospitals Get Black Out, Super Bowl Parties Don’t


Hospitals are having their power shut down.

But thankfully Jerry World and all things Super Bowl are safe.

How is this not reckless endangerment? Or at least grade A douchebaggery?


  1. Tim R. says:

    Everything’s different in Texas…and California.

    At least that’s what I teach my students when it comes to the law.

    Values extremes. With the rest of us somewhere betwixt and between.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s your free market at work. Get over it.

  3. Um, you think the public-private “partnership” of city subsidized stadiums has anything to do with the free market?

    Government picking winners and losers — that’s your system, pal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Garrison, but this is _our_ system. and It’s as free as it’s ever going to be. Nobody died and a few hundred million bucks washed through DFW. Jobs. GDP booster. How free do you want it? This is as good as it gets. Unless you think we all should be lined up in the Mercado parking lot looking for a gig.