Michael Vick: Scumbag, Coward and Wussy


  1. keith johnson says:
  2. Dommerdog says:

    Setting aside Dwaine Caraway’s latest gaffe for the moment, Vick could have helped himself in the public eye just a little if he’d stopped, looked at the photo of the dog, and said, “Man, I’m so sorry about the dogs. I’m glad you’ve given this one a good home. I hope he’ll be ok.” I’d like to know that his “dedication” to animal cruelty isn’t driven by terms of his parole and simply enforced by the SPCA, as seems to be the case. He should man up in little moments like these. They would add up and perhaps, some day, put him in the position of deserving a little honor for something other than his football prowess.

    But that would be way down the road. Here and now, Dwaine Caraway stepped in it again.

  3. jake says:

    Michael Vick is a liar. He doesnt deserve to be here or at least free. I hope he burns in hell. :)