STFU, Newt

Newt Gingrich is a fat, opportunistic wanker. He may have a point in this op-ed, but I don’t know because I have no interest in anything he has to say.

newt_legoTwo decades ago he showed promise. And he made some good promises.

But he took that promise about as seriously as your typical Republican does his wedding vows. Now he’s nothing more than the bloated face of go-whichever-way-the-wind-blows empty-suited bloviation, and the last thing people who want to shrink the government need is his cheese stink all over their plans.

Oh good idea — let’s have the guy who lost the last government shutdown battle be the face of the new government shutdown battle.

Seriously Newt…



  1. Bob says:

    Gingrich is nothing more than Clinton with a different party affiliation.