On TV: I’ll Be on NBC DFW Tonight

UPDATE: Because of the raid on the DA’s office by the FBI, my segment got bumped until Thursday night. Stay tuned.

On Jane McGarry’s “Nonstop Nightly” on Channel 5 (I think, check nbcdfw.com) to discuss the newest blunder from the Department of Justice — their cover up of the Operation Gun Walker cluster eff. To deal with the 2,500 firearms the ATF let get across the border to Mexican gangs, their solution is more gun control. ATF-Guns

Brilliant move from the grease trap of law enforcement that is the ATF.

(What do I wear? Bowtie and fez (fezzes and bowties are cool) or a Reno 911 t-shirt?)


  1. Travis Day says:

    Bowtie and Fez but you will need a smoking jacket as well.