Bookhound reviews The Spear of Destiny

Here’s a taste of Mel Odum’s review. This review captures exactly what my goal was with THE SPEAR OF DESTINY.

Black Sun Reich: The Spear of Destiny: Part One of Three by Trey Garrison is a thrilling return to the halcyon days of pulps and Saturday matinee serials. You know the ones – where you’d show up for a Saturday, watch your heroes go through a whirlwind of adventures fighting the bad guys, then end up on a cliffhanger guaranteed to bring you back to the theater the next week…

Garrison delivers his equivalent in this three-book run in a steampunk world that’s interesting and provides plenty of peril for its protagonists…The books are almost hitting the weekly matinee delivery schedule as well…These are books meant to be consumed, not thought about or read deeply into. They’re just fun in a grand, old fashioned way.

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