“I’m kind of a big deal. People know who I am.


Trey Garrison

Author of THE SPEAR OF DESTINY: A Far Ranger Adventure

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Trey Garrison’s secret identity is working as a mild-mannered journalist, editor, humorist, consultant, and part-time sybarite. Maybe the best word to describe him is racontrepreneur. Currently he is director of communications for a foundation based in Dallas that promotes free market solutions and free enterprise.

Trey’s work has appeared in a number of publications, often with his consent and sometimes with his knowledge. He’s been a contributor and editor for D Magazine — considered among the best city magazines in the United States — and for Reason magazine, the national magazine that promotes free minds and free markets. Trey has been a special contributor for The Dallas Morning News and a field reporter for The Land Report.

As a writer, he’s a better chef. And as a chef, he’s a better shooter. On the whole, he’d rather be on the beach in Jamaica. Wouldn’t you?

What Others Have To Say

  • “Dallas’ best journalist” – Robert Guest, defense attorney nonpareil
  • “…always-on-top-of-the-money…” – Wick Allison, editor-in-chief and president, D Magazine
  • “The Most-Clicked Viewpoints Column of 2008″The Dallas Morning News
  • “Best part of the night…Trey Garrison chomping on a cigar, threatening to pistol-whip me, then, in a stunning about face, attempting to kiss me,” – Gordon Keith, triple-threat entertainer
  • “Jack Bauer” – Nancy Nichols, editor, D Magazine
  • “…standing up to the shrill political correctness…” – Rod Dreher, editor, Dallas Morning News
  • “Trey can be hugely entertaining. Should we take him seriously as a social thinker or prescriber? Of course not.” – Bill Marvel, respected Dallas journalist and semi-pro old coot
  • Trey Garrison is one of the smartest people in Dallas.” – Michael Landauer, editor, Dallas Morning News
  • “…some guy named Trey Garrison wants to slap you around…” – Mike Hashimoto, editor, Dallas Morning News
  • “Trey [Garrison] is a gun-twirling, flame-throwing anarchist libertarian. On a good day.” – Rawlins Gilliland
  • “$1,000 to the charity of their choice for anyone who will punch Trey Garrison in the face” – Eric Celeste, managing editor, D Magazine
  • “Racist and misogynist” – Tim Rogers, executive editor, D Magazine

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