My Speech Will Be Fabulous. My Shoes, Not So Much

I’m speaking to the Log Cabin Republicans this Monday, Nov. 23 at 7 p.m. It’s open invite, but please RSVP here so they can have the right size room reserved.

What will I talk about? I may just recite Stan Smith’s speech. And work on my musical number:

Robert Guest Pulls All Rainbow Lounge Raid Records

Robert Guest, my favorite criminal defense attorney blogger and one-man open records clearinghouse, just got all the records on the now infamous raid on the gay bar in Fort Worth.

He’s too busy to post them, and I haven’t even read through them — busy too — but here they are.

Monday Roundup: Violence in South Dallas But Not Really South Dallas…

  • Two dead, three seriously wounded Saturday night and none of them — or all of them — or maybe some of them? — were in South Dallas. Except when they were in neighborhoods in South Dallas, in which case that’s not South Dallas. Or something like that. Ask Rawlins. Bring aspirin.
  • You know what will make downtown Dallas great? Besides that the 12 weekends a year when we’ll have drunken conventions at the People’s Hotel? Pep rallies. Yes, pep rallies. (Seriously? I’m beginning to think that even his editors don’t read what he turns in.)
  • And speaking of, Robert Guest asks all the right questions (that a newspaper reporter failed to) about Flower Mound polizie police apparently busting down the door of a residence not based on probable cause, but rather the refusal of residence to let them in.
  • You can look at someone’s hand an know if they’re gay. Seriously.

Note to Self: Roundup Headlines

Cute headlines for the Morning Roundup written at 2 a.m. and based on semi-obscure 70s songs look pretty gay by 8 a.m.

My Big Fat Gay Thank You

I’m sitting here tonight humbled. As I noted earlier, my column in the April issue of D about how the Cedar Springs area is transforming along with the dynamics between straights and gays came under some fire today. Two prominent Dallas media personalities — Rawlins Gilliland and Jack E. Jett – came to my defense at the Dallas Voice blog and on Frontburner. These are two guys who on a lot of issues are worlds apart from me. And, not surprisingly, worlds apart from each other.

So I started thinking, yes, I am a supporter of gay marriage, or at least getting the state to treat all marriage contracts between consenting adults of any sort simply as contracts, and letting each church decide what, if any, blessing they each want to give. And I support gay adoption — some of the best parents I’ve met are gays. They’re not so likely to go leaving their kids in locked cars or abusing/neglecting them, given the hassle it takes for gays to adopt. The gays don’t just carelessly pop kids out like too many straights. (“I didn’t know I could get pregnant if we did it standing up.”) But I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever written about either subject at length, much less other gay rights issues.

I reckon my attitude on the subject has come through one way or the other. Enough to prompt those two guys to stand up for me, anyway.

So, from the heart of suburban, straight vanilla-land, thank you, gentlemen.