Craig Watkins Even Gets on the Last Nerve of His Supporters

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins, let’s never forget, should be praised for his work in exonerating the wrongly convicted. No one can take that away from him.

But that’s not a “Get Out of Jail Free” card on all the apparently dirty stuff he’s up to — cover ups, misappropriation of campaign funds, vendettas against the Dallas County Republican chair, and so on.

Worst of all, he’s engaging in one of the great crimes on teh Internets: sock puppetry.

Use your eyes to read my Internet crush Bethany Anderson’s take on the whole thing plus some election commentary here.

Monday Roundup: Look, This is Free So Quit Griping

I’m sure this $100 million deficit has nothing to do with the city’s powerful leadership or well-considered priorities.

This guy needs to talk to these guys.

I find it surprising that no one wanted his byline on this story. And Miss Congeniality 2? Not quite as awesome as I expected.

Bethany continues the fight with TXU.

Click it or ticket — they can stick it, Robert Guest says.

Tuesday Roundup: And Now, Here’s Ollie Williams…

  • If you ever had doubts that local schools should be run strictly by locals, look no further than the federal Title 1 rules. It appears the one bright spot in DISD — its magnet schools — because are safe from cuts but how smart is it that the district can’t, by federal fiat, pump extra funds into schools that need it beyond a 10 percent median?
  • This news will be heartening to more than a few in my network.
  • The Dallas City Council will be voting on its latest revenue enhancer — a daytime curfew for juveniles — which has the added benefit of making kids feel like they only have liberties at the sufferance of their civil masters. Want reasons why it’s a bad idea? Look no further than your friendly neighborhood blog.

Prop Number Two is Well Named

My secret Internet girlfriend, Bethany Anderson, (shh, don’t tell anyone) explains why Prop 2 — which would require a referendum on all projects getting more than $1 million in incentives from the city — deserves a resounding NO vote on May 9.

Go, read, and keep that thing about my crush on Bethany under your hat.

Friday Roundup: Does That Come With Soup?

Bethany Anderson, without taking a side, points out the folly of the crutch the pro-People’s Hotel people are using by focusing on and demonizing Harlan Crow and where he lives, as if he shouldn’t have a say in a city where he does tens of millions of dollars of business every year (quarter?).

So are we now going to travel down this slippery slope where we tell businesses the only time we really want to hear from them is when they write that check to pay taxes?

New wave of house cleaning down at DPD headquarters.

If your name really is Perry Mason, they ought to just give you a law license when you turn 18.

The next 10 Matthew McConaughey movies.

Say Again, Mr. Deputy Pro Tem?

I really like Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, but sometimes I’m really puzzled by some of the things he does and says. Of course, if he didn’t shoot from the hip, he’d be another boring city pol like two-thirds of the horseshoe. Still, Caraway’s candor is at once one of his most endearing qualities, while still something that makes me stop and ask “Really? Whiskey tango foxtrot?”

I’m not alone. My blog-mantic crush Bethany Anderson caught something Caraway said yesterday, which has both of us wondering what kind of black files (sorry JWP) dirty intel Caraway has on his fellow council members. Or maybe it was just the heat of the moment. I don’t know. Go read Bethany for details. Hie, I say.

By the way, I second what Bethany says: “…Caraway has done a lot of good for his constituents, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another council person so involved in his area of the city.” Still, this is one of those WTF? moments.

More On (get it?) Chazz Redd

My secret blog love Bethany Anderson has a list of other potential city council candidates, using the Chazz Redd qualifier.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Full list here.