Truth Comes Out in…Mother Jones?

Weird that this was the first media outlet to get it right.

At 2:00 a.m. on Saturday—about eight hours before he allegedly killed six people and wounded 14, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), in Tucson—Jared Lee Loughner phoned an old and close friend with whom he had gone to high school and college. The friend, Bryce Tierney, was up late watching TV, but he didn’t answer the call. When he later checked his voice mail, he heard a simple message from Loughner: “Hey man, it’s Jared. Me and you had good times. Peace out. Later.”

That was it. But later in the day, when Tierney first heard about the Tucson massacre, he had a sickening feeling: “They hadn’t released the name, but I said, ‘Holy shit, I think it’s Jared that did it.’” Tierney tells Mother Jones in an exclusive interview that Loughner held a years-long grudge against Giffords and had repeatedly derided her as a “fake.” Loughner’s animus toward Giffords intensified after he attended one of her campaign events and she did not, in his view, sufficiently answer a question he had posed, Tierney says. He also describes Loughner as being obsessed with “lucid dreaming”—that is, the idea that conscious dreams are an alternative reality that a person can inhabit and control—and says Loughner became “more interested in this world than our reality.” Tierney adds, “I saw his dream journal once. That’s the golden piece of evidence. You want to know what goes on in Jared Loughner’s mind, there’s a dream journal that will tell you everything.”

Full story on their site. And everyone using this incident to push their political points can suck it.

The Line Must Be Drawn Here

It’s too much to hope this is the start of an “I am Spartacus” movement, but this ExpressJet pilot shows us how we should all deal with the pickpockets and gorilla gropers who constitute the TSA, which now wants nudie pictures of you before you can board.

He. Said. No.

CNN) — A pilot who refused to submit to a full-body scan or the alternative pat down going through airport security said the procedures violate his imagesrights.

Michael Roberts, a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines, refused a full-body scan last week at a Transportation Security Administration check point at Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tennessee.

Opting out of scanning is permitted, but those who opt out must receive an enhanced pat down from a TSA employee.

“Pat down is misleading,” Roberts said. “They concentrate on the area between … the upper thighs and torso, and they’re not just patting people’s arms and legs, they’re grabbing and groping and prodding pretty aggressively.”

Roberts said TSA security measures are ineffective, and cited concerns for his rights and privacy in refusing the procedures.

“I was trying to avoid this assault on my person, and I’m not willing to have images of my nude body produced for some stranger in another room to look at either,” Roberts told CNN.

Full story here.

Here’s the best part, TSA’s rationale.

The TSA said in a statement that “security is not optional” and any person who refuses security screening is not allowed to fly.

“TSA’s responsibility is to keep the traveling public safe and we use an unpredictable variety of security techniques to carry out this mission,” the statement said.

“Crew members have access to sensitive areas of both airports and airplanes, making it necessary for all crew members to be subject to multiple layers of security.”

The pilot doesn’t need to smuggle on nail clippers or a Glock. He sits behind the wheel of a multi-ton, turbine powered, 400 mph guided missile.

Captain Michael Roberts, badass of the week, shows us how we can all take back our dignity.

iWatch Because Pretty Much Everything is Terrorism Now

The Dallas Police Department is launching a franchise of the LAPD’s iWatch program, creatively named iWatch Dallas.

iWatch Dallas is a community awareness program that educates the community about suspicious activities & criminal behaviors. iWatch Dallas focuses on criminal behavior and criminal enterprises that could also indicate a nexus to terrorist activities. Citizens are provided a convenient reporting method to provide tips and leads to police concerning crime that is affecting their community.

bigbrotherBasically, they want you to call, email or text any suspicious behavior to the cops. Which, given the stupidity of the urban “stop snitchin’” campaign, isn’t a bad thing. So long as they keep it focused on actual criminal behavior — robberies, assaults, rapes, burglaries, gang activity and all the rest cops should be dealing with — hard to argue with it, right?

But as usual with these things, they take it one step beyond. Two steps, I should say: Homeland Security.

The DPD provides a bunch of information under the heading of “Homeland Security” and — as usual when you see those two words — a comedy of silliness follows. Here are a few of the things they want you to report your neighbors and fellow citizens for.

  • Unusual or extended interest in public utilities, large public gatherings, transportation centers, government buildings and other possible terrorist targets.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when there’s a large public gathering, how could you not take an extended interest? At, for instance, the State Fair? Or a parade? Or a protest? I mean, isn’t a large gathering by definition unusual?

  • May carry and use large amounts of cash

So now carrying and buying with legal tender is suspicious activity.

It gets weirder. In the PDFs provided under specific categories that you can check yourself, the DPD provides even more things you can report people for.

Hotel employees are told to report people who don’t leave their hotel rooms. Or who do leave their room for too long. Or who have unusual amounts of luggage. Or not enough luggage. Also suspicious, those who request specific rooms. (No suite for you). Or who don’t want to deal with nosy hotel employees. And those who use cash.

Why is this terrorist tool still legal?

Why is this terrorist tool still legal?

Hobby shop owners are encouraged to report people who demonstrate an unusual interest in a hobby or sport. Which, since it’s a hobby shop, I’m pretty sure is everyone who walks in the door. And people new to the hobby are suspect and should be reported. As are experts and people who think they are experts but aren’t. Of course, you should report those who aren’t sure if they want to take something up as a hobby. And, of course, cash customers. As usual.

Mall cops, who aren’t already high strung and low self-esteemed enough to be trouble, are warned to be on the lookout for people taking pictures, shooting video or drawing. Because that’s what al Qaeda does.

Financial institutions should report anyone seeking to preserve their privacy in financial transactions. And cash deals.

Under car rentals, signs of potential terrorist activity is people who inquire about the size/capacity of limos (why else would anyone inquire?) and local attractions. An cash, of course.

If you’re curious about whether the storage rental place has good security and what kind — you’re probably a terrorist.

Basically, any common behavior is pretty much suspicious under these rules.

That’s not just my opinion. Take it from this fellow with the way-too-ironic-for-this-topic surname

American Civil Liberties Union policy counsel Mike German, a former FBI agent who worked on terrorism cases, said the indicators [from the iWatch program] are all relatively common behaviors. And he suspects people will fall back on personal biases and preconceived stereotypes of what a terrorist looks like when making the decision to report someone to the police.

“That just plays into the negative elements of society and doesn’t really help the situation,” German said. (source)

So get to work. Your fellow citizens aren’t going to inform on themselves.

And Speaking of True Colors, This Time Red…

This is from the weekend Democratic Party/Union/left wing/MoveOn rally on the mall in Washington.

Power to the people, brother.

So When Are Muslims Not Raging? Never, That’s When

Is the problem really some redneck preacher burning some dumb book, or the fact that everyone — left, right, Muslim, Christian, non-believer — agrees that the mere act of burning that book in some backswamp part of Florida would spark worldwide violence?


We’re talking about a primitive belief system that can’t tolerate the right of free speech and the right of people to criticize them for their primitive beliefs.

For Einstein’s sake, they murder filmmakers and condemn cartoonists to death.

Michelle Malkin hits exactly the right note with her column today.

The eternal flame of Muslim outrage
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2010

Shhhhhhh, we’re told. Don’t protest the Ground Zero mosque. Don’t burn a Koran. It’ll imperil the troops. It’ll inflame tensions. The “Muslim world” will “explode” if it does not get its way, warns sharia-peddling imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Pardon my national security-threatening impudence, but when is the “Muslim world” not ready to “explode”?

At the risk of provoking the ever-volatile Religion of Perpetual Outrage, let us count the little-noticed and forgotten ways…

Read the rest of the column here.


This is just too surreal.

They Rapin’ Ever’body Up in Here

Skip to the 0:58 second mark. This guy is awesome.

US Rep: There’s Really No Limit to What the Federal Govt Can Do

Define Pathetic

Here it is.

The great love of my life marries today and I am not the groom. I had my chance, a few years ago, but did not realize until too late how fleeting my moment with her was meant to be. Whether it was my fault or hers, and, let’s face it, it was probably mine, I will wonder always about the life I might have had with the most loving and loveable woman I have ever known. Sometimes, I finally now understand, love, even crazy love, is not enough. Sometimes, as the romance novelists know, timing is everything.

But today is not a day for remorse. It is not a day for lost causes. Today is a day for celebration. The woman I once promised to keep happy is happy. She tells me she is marrying a wonderful man, with a good heart, whom she believes I would have liked had we met in different circumstances. She lives where she wants to live. She has selected her life’s path. All that is left for me to do is to wish her well and to hope that she has made the right choice; that she continues to find in him what she did not find in me. And I am sure he considers himself today the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.

The present I humbly send her today is this column; this public note, this irrevocable display of affection and support and gratitude; this worldly absolution from any guilt or sadness she felt between the time she said no to me and the time she said yes to him. No one ought to have to carry that with them into a marriage. I showered her with as much love as I could muster when we were together. I still love her and always will. So I am only too happy to offer my toast to her now, one more time, before she takes her vows.

Full column here.

Seriously, this is the most cringe inducing thing I’ve read since the last Tom Friedman column. What a wimp.

TX Democrat Loses His Mierda

¡Ay caramba!

Methinks the Dems are coming undone when they can’t handle a single question about ObamaCare.

Doesn’t bode well for the Left come November.