The Sublime Nobility of Public Service

Remind me again how people who go into “public service” are so much better than the rest of the us.

If this were a just republic, this congressman would be tarred and feathered, if not put up against a sufficient backstop.

TX Sen. John Cornyn Joins Forces with Chief Senate Scold in Fearmongering

Citing the usual fear-mongering trifecta of terrorists, drug dealers and gang members, Cornyn has joined Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. — a man who can’t name a single aspect of American life that is off-limits to the federal government — in a campaign against pre-paid cell phones.

Despite there being absolutely no constitutional grounds, Cornyn and Schumer would require buyers of prepaid cell phones to present identification and require phone companies to keep that information on file, similar to what they have to do with users of landline phones and subscription-based cell phones.

This, of course, would be the end of that industry. The three selling points of pre-paids: they are cheaper since they don’t have a whole records infrastructure to maintain, they are convenient since they require no contracts and even ID, and they are secure your privacy.

Cornyn and Schumer are partners in selling fear and expanding the reach of government. At least Schumer is honest; Cornyn pretends he’s for limited government.

Both are selling freedom so that you’ll buy fear.

The Tea Partiers Who Aren’t Doing It Right

Um, the whole Tea Party thing was about people being fed up with government spending, taxes, and bailouts, right?

Some folks over in Rep. Ron Paul’s district don’t seem to get that. People do want officials who say NO. I do, anyway.

Silly Illustrated: Hate Crimes

From this story:

“It was clear that white males, driving expensive cars, were being targeted,” a Dallas officer wrote in police documents.

I’ll put down $10 fiat money that whatever charges are filed against suspect Robert Carlos Cerrillo, they won’t include state or federal hate crimes.

No Means No, Kiddos

So the voters in the banner-wavingest liberal state yesterday elected an unknown to fill the lifelong seat of the godfather of government-run health care.No+means+no+well+maybe+if+i'm+drunk+-+USD18+close+up

And this unknown, by the way, made basically one unifying promise — I will be the vote that kills government-run health care.

And the Democrat heir who lost — lost — had the full support of the President who made government-run health care his signature issue.

Polls shows the vast majority of Americans oppose government-run health care.

And yet the takeaway for Democrats is: “We really have to pass government-run health care now.”

Wow. It’s like peering into the mind of a date rapist.

SkyNet Never Mentioned This Detail…

The inventor of the world’s first sex robot looks, well, exactly like you’d expect.

Picture 2

Oh Dear: Non-existent Party Trumping ‘Educated Class’

You know how you’re not allowed to give yourself a nickname? I think that holds for calling yourself the “educated class.”

Somehow, I think David Brooks misses the point that people losing faith in institutions and cynicism towards professional leadership are good things.

But then, he works for the NY Times, so you can’t expect much.

You’re Out of Your Element, Donnie

The fall of the Berlin Wall?

It’s all about Barack.

Best comment:

It is telling that Obama manages it involve himself in all sorts of issues unbecoming a President like having a beer with the cop and victim of a local law enforcement screw-up, giving speeches to captive-audience school children, and begging for the Olympics for his home town (not that his cronies would have profited from that, of course!). Then when there is an event of truly global and historic significance deserving of the stature and symbolism of an appearance by the President of the United States, he can’t be bothered to do more than essentially phone it in?

Obama, his own actions reveal, is just a lousy, thick-headed clod. No wonder he keeps his college transcripts sealed.

‘Mom Seeks Law…’ Is Your Warning That Stupidity Follows

Nine times out of 10. Why? Because, God and Darwin love ‘em, moms are irrational and fierce protectors of their children who will do anything for their kids.

Which on one hand is good, but on the other is exactly why when you see “Mom Seeks Law…” in a headline, it’s going to be a bad idea and go way too far.

Which brings me to today’s little venture into Big Mother politics.

Dallas-area mother challenges Texas law allowing parents to show children pornography

Texas’ devotion to protecting parental rights allows moms and dads to provide pornography to their children.

Now a Dallas-area mother is trying to change that, saying that her ex-husband faces no punishment for showing their young daughters online images of three-way adult encounters.

She’s getting support from a variety of sources, including a Panhandle prosecutor who wanted to charge the man but concluded he had no way to win a case.

No, I don’t support showing porn to kids, but yes, how I teach my kid about sex education is not your business or the state’s business and blah blah blah. But this isn’t a political argument.

For starters, the sloppy writing suggests it’s an established fact that the dad in question did what the sentence says. It is not. It’s an allegation. And when we read further into the story, we learn it’s an allegation from a mother who did not have custody of her own kids.

This is big red flag No. 1. Divorces are nasty, and child custody fights even more so. Otherwise honest mothers will tell you they will do anything to keep their kids, and that includes lying. Especially if they’re lying about ex-husbands.

Red flag No. 2 — she didn’t have custody. When a mother doesn’t get primary custody or joint custody of kids, almost invariably there’s something really ugly going on with her.

Red flag No. 3 — the scenario described further down in the story doesn’t pass the smell test:

The Dallas-area woman said her three grade-school-age daughters were living with their father earlier this year when he started drinking, woke two of them late at night and showed them porn on his computer. They later told a counselor, who alerted authorities. Amarillo police investigated, found the girls believable and sought advice from Farren’s office before proceeding.

This doesn’t add up. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s improbable. As described in this admittedly poorly reported and badly written story, it doesn’t fit the profile.

It does, however, fit the script of someone trying to get back custody of their kids.

As for “Amarillo police investigated, found the girls believable and sought advice from Farren’s office before proceeding” need I remind you that Fort Collins police thought the Balloon Boy’s family was credible until the kid admitted on morning television it was a hoax?

So given all that we’ve been presented by the paper, I call BS on this woman.

Do kids need to be protected? Of course.

But regardless of whether this lady is lying, do we need the kind of laws that result from crusading moms? Absolutely not.

Apparently I Hate America


And I’m a terrorist or something.

“The Republican Party [and, one presumes, all of us non-Republicans laughing at Barry’s life being defined by good intention, no accomplishments, ha[ve] thrown in its lot with the terrorists – the Taliban and Hamas this morning – in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize,” DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse told POLITICO.