Friday Roundup: PISD Stupidity, RIP Responsibility, WTF Myspace & More

Why in the hell is my beloved Plano Independent School District following down the road of good intentions to its traditional destination, first paved by the Dallas Independent School District? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Define “expected” — family blames Boomerangs when they, the family, weren’t paying attention to their own toddler. I’d ask you to define “parental responsibility” but it’s an archaic phrase.

My dear friend Rawlins Gilliland sings the praises of Neiman Marcus, and rightly so. Great read.

Behold the new open-air CVS in Sunnyvale.

Also dear friend Robert Guest gives us a new reason — aside from all the annoying skins, crappy music, and the infestation of pedophiles — to hate Myspace: they’ll accept subpoenas from law enforcement, but not from defense lawyers. Which is funny, because it’s already been proven a Myspace missive can, indeed, exonerate the innocent after a New York man was found not guilty of a bogus gun possession charge when his lawyer introduced evidence the arresting officer was a steroid popper who posted on his Myspace page about the joys of beating suspects and planting phony evidence. (h/t The Agitator.)

The first ad for Prop 1, on the ballot May 8 against the city-owned convention hotel, is up online. Here you go.

Thursday Roundup: Race to the CCH Finish, Chihuahua Reunion, Dopes in the Lege & More

The race is now on: the citizen referendum on whether the city should throw away invest $550 million in a convention center hotel is officially on the ballot. Supporters hope the city won’t be able to sell the initial bonds before the early May election. At this point, given the markets, I’m betting they won’t sell the bonds in time to circumvent voters. Say, a 70 percent chance.

Someone get this hero guy a Chihuahua stat. With awww pic.

Empty public relations gesture? You betcha.

Oh, look, another proposed stupid idea from the Lege — drug testing teachers. Why aren’t we drug testing members of the Texas Legislature?

Tell me you didn’t see this backlash against Southwest Airlines coming.

Speaking of airlines, what’s on this reporterette’s mind?

Tuesday Roundup: Lousy TV Reports, Your Consent Is Inconvenient, DISD Takeover a Red Herring? & More

  • I was all ready with a “so now Dallas is more dangerous than _____” joke, but after watching this news report three times, I don’t know 1) if the guy shot was stationed in a combat zone, 2) what the hell happened, and 3) why I watched a television news report three times.
  • Yeah, how dare parents inconvenience the state by asking their permission to store samples of their children’s DNA? What, you think you have some sort of privacy or civil rights?

Monday Roundup: You Can’t Spell Disdain without D-I-S-D, Bolton Fired Again, Yoga is De Debil, Twitter Twaddle & More

Thursday Roundup: Damn the Torpedoes, RepubliCon Governor, God Isn’t His Co-Pilot? & More

  • I’m not saying it’s not odd to have a 22-year-old in a class with 13-year-olds. Clearly it is. But why the reflex assumption that an adult in a classroom with teenagers is automatically creepy? Seems an unwarranted swipe at DISD.
  • Hero North Texas pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger didn’t get all God-dy enough for this guy. Should he have mentioned that God sent those birds into the plane’s engines? Ugh.
  • What exactly is smart about pumping air into a deflating bubble, rewarding the irresponsible, and punishing people who bought homes within their means and who make their payments on time?

Tuesday Roundup: Leppert Wants a Hotel Bailout, Russ Martin Off the Air & More

  • Mayor Tom Leppert’s hat-in-hand visit to DC was more embarrassing than I thought. According to the folks at “Citizens Against The Taxpayer-Owner Hotel,” Leppert asked for pork to pay for the $550 million convention center hotel project. Anne Raymond, whose heading up the opposition to the hotel project, was at no loss for words. “Following in the footsteps of failed Wall Street banks and automakers, Leppert’s request for federal funds for a hotel bailout illustrates exactly what a money-losing venture this would be.” Saving grace? Leppert’s just one in a long line of city mayors lining up at the trough for a feeding.
  • One of the movers behind the brilliant DISD grading policy — the one where you get to retake tests until you pass and homework can’t be counted against you if it would lower your grade — is leaving.
  • I’m betting the firing of Russ Martin isn’t going to go over well in the short or long term. His fans are uncommonly committed, and I just don’t see yet another sports radio station making much of a dent in The DFW.

Monday Roundup: DISD in a Nutshell, Bush’s Point Man on Corporate Welfare

  • If you’ve been responsible with your home-buying decisions and conscientious about paying your mortgage, apparently you’re a sucker. And you’re going to bailing out people have been neither. Happy bailout.

Friday Roundup: Beggars Want to Be Choosers, DISD Funding & A Friday Feelgood

  • So if you’re getting affordable housing subsidized by taxpayers, who are you to complain about where it is? What, exactly, is wrong with locating all the housing for low income people in one general area? Why should you get to demand subsidized housing in a nicer neighborhood that someone else worked hard to move to? Look, it’s not a politically correct fact, but the reality is low income neighborhoods have higher crime rates. That’s not to say low income earners are more criminally motivated — it’s just there are more criminally motivated people in the low income demographic. So centralizing low income housing seems smart on two levels. The group has argued that most of the local apartment complexes financed with housing tax credits are in urban areas with high concentrations of poverty, crime and blight.” Chicken or the egg?
  • DPD gets new uniforms with embroidered badges and plastic buttons. Good in terms of dry cleaning cost savings, but the worry is with the number of cases of people impersonating police to stage robberies, home invasions, and roadside rapes — will this complicate things?
  • Dear Leader apparently has a litmus test for appointees that baffles even his supporters, and is a window into his soul on the issue of Second Amendment rights.
  • Why am I a shameless cheerleader for free enterprise and big business? That’s why.

Wednesday Roundup: Sex Offender Restrictions, Gay Frats, DISD & More

  • So pretty much everyone in criminal justice agrees that the blanket Condition X parole restrictions for low-level offenders neither enhances public safety nor is cost-effective. And they agree it’s unfair, to boot. So naturally reform has little chance of passing the Lege.
  • The University of Texas is getting its first gay frat not counting the Sigma Nu house. Prompting one reader to note: “God is no longer going to protect this country.” Which you’d expect. If this were Afghanistan under the Taliban.
  • I have a theory where DISD’s missing $84 million went. This guy wrote a computer program that took all those fractions of a cent, and instead of rounding it off, it sent the fractions to his personal account. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Friday Roundup: City Council Junkets, DISD Audit, Stockpiling Guns & More

  • Rod Dreher hit a bulls-eye a few weeks ago when he said that when city council members talk about wanting to make Dallas a “world class city” you better hang on to your wallet.
  • I’m sorry. I love my fellow gun owners. But any of you just now getting around to stockpiling instead of working on it six months ago — you’re on your own. That’s like buying a stock when it peaks.
  • Because I’m usually so hard on how shallow TV news is in The DFW, fairness demands I give props for good watchdog stories. Take a bow, Jack Fink.