More On (get it?) Chazz Redd

My secret blog love Bethany Anderson has a list of other potential city council candidates, using the Chazz Redd qualifier.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Full list here.

Trey In Print This Month

The April issue of D Magazine is out, and there are two pieces by yours truly. Unfortunately, they aren’t online yet. Look for my piece on how the Cedar Springs gayborhood is getting less gay, and my piece on how not to get shot by the Secret Service (and other tips) now that President Bush is back living in Big D.

I’ll put up links as soon as does.

Monday Roundup: Spring Break Late Edition

The Lege won’t give up on levying a stripper pole tax. And they’re holding $11.2 million in folded $1 bills already collected until the lawsuits are settled and the money is either returned to the strip clubs, or turned over to the state. Question: Should strip clubs win, should they get interest back on the money?

I’m not saying this isn’t good reporting, I’m just saying I don’t much care if a city council member or candidate has donated to one political party or the other. It’s like talking about what church they go to — as long as it stays outside the council chambers, I don’t see how it matters. Am I wrong?

Dawn McMullen asks, “Who would Jesus defriend?”

Finally this morning, my friend Radley Balko poses a damn good question in the wake of the news of the AIG exec bonuses being paid.

AIG to pay out millions more in bonuses to the very executives who ran the company into the ground. This, immediately after accepting another $170 billion in federal bailout money. Question for my lefty friends: A few months ago on this site, we had a discussion about the morality of people who utilize offshore tax shelters. And Joe Biden said during the campaign that it was “unpatriotic” to avoid paying your taxes. At what point in this bailout madness does doing what you can to avoid federal taxes become acceptable? In other words, what percentage of the federal budget has to go toward bailout-out failed companies and their corrupt executives before taxpayers are justified in getting fed up, and refusing to fund the circus anymore?

Wednesday Roundup: Roundhouse Kick to the Union, Curse of the Trinity River & More

Oh. My. God. It’s like someone built a machine to extract my very dreams: Texas seceding from the union, and Chuck Norris as its president.

Does anyone get the feeling the entire Trinity project is cursed? And exactly why weren’t they testing the ground where they wanted to build something before they started trying to build it? You know, for sand. Or Indian bones?

I’m not sure I buy the argument that voter fraud isn’t a problem, given that groups like ACORN are out there doing their level best to turn every election into a Chicago-style hoax fest. On the other hand…No, there really is no other hand. Seems to me voting is the one place where you should have to show some kind of ID.

Also up in the Lege and needing support — a bill to require written consent to search a car in a traffic stop. This is important because police, like potential date rapists, need it drilled into their heads that no means no.

Thursday Roundup: Race to the CCH Finish, Chihuahua Reunion, Dopes in the Lege & More

The race is now on: the citizen referendum on whether the city should throw away invest $550 million in a convention center hotel is officially on the ballot. Supporters hope the city won’t be able to sell the initial bonds before the early May election. At this point, given the markets, I’m betting they won’t sell the bonds in time to circumvent voters. Say, a 70 percent chance.

Someone get this hero guy a Chihuahua stat. With awww pic.

Empty public relations gesture? You betcha.

Oh, look, another proposed stupid idea from the Lege — drug testing teachers. Why aren’t we drug testing members of the Texas Legislature?

Tell me you didn’t see this backlash against Southwest Airlines coming.

Speaking of airlines, what’s on this reporterette’s mind?

Vote for Me

I have been nominated for a F#@%ing Great Post award for this.

If I win, I will read the book to all of you.

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Wednesday Roundup: Dallas City Council to Citizens — Suck It, Shouting Extremities & More

  • If this one doesn’t stink like five-day old tuna, nothing does. I guess it’s too much to ask Mayor Leppert and the pro-hotel lackeys to respect the will of Dallas voters. This is looking more and more like a used car scam than anything else.
  • Boy, the Dallas City Council really, really doesn’t like having you peons and peasants talk back, do they? Interesting bit of trivia: more people signed the Citizens Against a Taxpayer Owned Hotel petition than voted in the last council election.

Friday Roundup: Gub’mint Cheese, Naked Dudes in Parks, Kwame Lands & Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Is it something in the water? Still, it gives us the quote of the week: “It’s so lovely, even with naked terracotta men.”
  • Say, if you’re an investor in Covisint, or an employee, or a client, I don’t want to worry you, but — RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
  • Finally, from, the card I’m getting the missus:

Thursday Roundup: Polishing the Crucifix, Mother of the Year Candidate, Pole Tax Rises from the Dead & More

  • It appears as if the son of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Jermaine, was, um, how to put this Biblically? Psalm 23:4? Putting a little extra offering on the collection plate? Hmm. Look, Jermaine Jakes dropped trou and started making the baby Jesus cry. In a Dallas park. To an undercover vice cop. Which also means Jermaine won’t be eligible to be hired by his own father, who called this sort of thing a “brokenness.” Gonna be an awkward Easter Sunday in the Jakes house, that’s all I’m sayin’.
  • The solution is to disable cellphones in cars above a certain speed,” Fors said. Yeah, good luck with that. Or you could just ticket bad drivers and leave the rest of us who can safely drive and talk alone.
  • That $5 tax on strip club patrons authored by State Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-UMB, and thrown out last year is officially back in play. Crystal and Sahara to the main stage. *cue Whitesnake*. Bonus: The Texas Solicitor’s name is Ho.

Wednesday Roundup: Unintended Consequences in Play, Developers Levying Taxes, Let’s Get Kinky & More

  • The Dallas City Council is looking at giving developers — developers — the power to levy taxes. Imagine a homeowners association, with the power of government, and without the niceties of letting you decide whether to actually join the HOA so long as 13 of your 20 neighbors like the idea. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Oh, and the Austin Police want your DNA, even if you’re just arrested and not even convicted of some misdemeanor. Well, we can’t have Dallas fall behind in its bid to be a world-class city, so put that on your calendar as coming to Dallas soon enough.
  • Well, at least the race for the Texas governor’s office could get interesting. Go Kinky.