Guess Who’s Committing Less Crime? Yep, “Illegal” Immigrants

Bud Kennedy over at the Startlegram refers to my buddy Radley Balko‘s research at Reason Magazine to point out — hey, guess what, places where there are more illegal immigrants have less violent crime.

Exhibit A: El Paso.

The West Texas twin city to drug-riddled Juarez is about one-fourth foreign-born. Yet it’s usually ranked as the nation’s No. 2 or No. 3 safest city.

(San Antonio is No. 9. Fort Worth is No. 10.)

“It just always seemed remarkable to me that El Paso has such a low crime rate,” said Radley Balko, a Reason senior editor and writer on law enforcement and criminal-justice issues.

“All the academic evidence concludes that immigrants are much less prone to violence than the native population.”

Radley’s full piece here.

More on crime and immigration here.

Monday Roundup: Can I Borrow Your Towel? Just Hit a Water Buffalo

  • When most Democrats, Republicans, the media, and right-thinking people are behind something big, expensive and grand — like they are the commuter rail scheme (or the hotel, or the Trinity Parkway) — you just know it’s probably a bad idea. I’m just going to sit here maturely and sup upon the bitter disappointment from everyone who wants to tax drivers for the benefit of a single digit percentage who feel good about themselves for taking public transportation. Muhahaha.

U.S. House Bans ‘Driving While Mexican’

That’s according to the Cato Institute. Full report here. Just what we need in a recession — throwing a monkey wrench into commerce and increasing the cost and red tape of international shipping and trade. Sure it will have no effect on Dallas, considering we’re pretty much an international trade route.

Monday Roundup: Thanks for the PC Loans Dallas, No More Paper or Plastic? & More

  • Say, you don’t buy the line that government-mandated, politically correct lending laws led to the financial crunch, do you? And yet here’s former Clinton administration HUD Secretary An drew Cuomo, talking about the settlement of a lending discrimination complaint against Accubank, a Texas lender whose loan requirements came under attack from Fort Worth community organizers and, (drumroll) the city of Dallas.

  • And now the Dallas City Council will answer for you on that question of paper or plastic, since it’s really none of your business anyway. Good lord.
  • Carrollton City Councilmember Herb Weidinger single-handedly derailed the new mayor’s planned citizen’s council on illegal immigration, meaning one less chance for that ‘burb to go down the wrong road like Farmers Branch did.

Tuesday Roundup: Problems in Plano, Shootout at the OK Corral, Cheerleaders ‘Kissing,’ The Failout & Palin Prep

  • My friend Scott Henson at Grits for Breakfast wonders what the hell is up in Plano? Cops using steroids, a DA and judge sleeping together, cops setting up a guy for a DWI, that bigot county commissioner who hounded a gay employee out of his job, and so much more. Yeah, well, um, er…at least we’re not Farmers Branch.
    "You're no daisy."

    "You're no daisy."

  • There was a gunfight at the OK Corral. Four are dead. Yesterday. Seriously.
  • High school cheerleaders suspended. For playing a song. “I kissed a girl.” No, really. A song.
  • The $700 billion bailout didn’t pass and even though the Dow fell Just. Six. Percent. the sky didn’t fall. Now let’s all take a deep breath, engage our reason, and not let panic lead us into supporting a bad idea. There are better ways to deal with this. Seriously — the people pushing this bailout on us are 1) the financial regulators who allowed this to happen, 2) the Bush administration, and 3) Congressional Democrats. And we’re supposed to oblige when they say, “Trust us?” I don’t think so.

Thursday Roundup: Dems and Republicans Break the Law, “Tell Me You Are Sorry”

  • Guess who failed to follow the law for getting their presidential candidates on the Texas ballots? John McCain and Barack Obama, that’s who. Both the Dems and the Republicans failed to certify their presidential candidates and report them to the Texas Secretary of State. Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate, is suing against all odds to make sure Texas follows the law, but he may as well try sweeping Jell-O. Why? Because the state won’t obey its own laws. At least for the two major parties. Texas kept the Green Party off the ballot in 2004 for this very reason. But the laws don’t apply to the major party rulers.
  • Dallas-based Reason editor Jacob Sullum picks up where Robert Guest leaves off, pointing out that Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have no answer as to why nearly 1 million Americans are arrested and jailed for simple pot possession each year, while they should be forgiven for their “youth indiscretions.”
  • Outlaw country icon and Squidbillies theme singer Billy Joe Shaver is living the country star life, including the indictment for shooting a guy in the face at a bar. Best part: Before he shot the guy, he asked, “Where do you want it?” and after he stood over the guy and demanded, “Tell me you are sorry.”

The Battle for Farmers Branch Over Illegal Immigration Part 50something

And so today it’s a restraining order against Farmers Branch for their trying to keep the illegal immigrants only working, not living in Farmers Branch. Shame the only people profiting from this are the lawyers.

Look, I understand the impulse of the restrictionists in Farmers Branch. I do. I admitted in my July D Magazine column that I had those same impulses before my conversion to being an open borders wiener. But seriously — give it up. It’s a fight you’ll lose and cost you way too much money.