Monday Roundup: Leppert’s Pattern, Badge Behavior & More

Went running this morning, so the schedule is a little screwy. But we’re back in the groove. So, let’s get to it.

  • Mayor Leppert seems to be developing a pattern. Charge ahead despite serious concerns, contradicting facts, and the costs. This seems to be the case in the Trinity issue and with the convention center hotel. This doesn’t look good for his legacy.
  • Mixed feelings here on the proposed Texas shield law: On one hand, as a journalist I benefit from a shield law. On the other, why should my profession get special protection not afforded every other citizen?

Tuesday Roundup: Another Weird Day in North Texas

Look, I’m not saying that libertarians have the wrong message, but sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. The one libertarian in the U.S. House, Congressman Ron Paul, R-TX, doesn’t do the cause any favors in his cameo in the upcoming Sasha Baron Cohen movie. Oy vey.

As Dallas City Councilmember Angela Hunt already knows, no good deed goes unpunished.

“Man Accidentally Creates Toxic Gas.” And no, it wasn’t Tim Rogers this time.

I’ve thought for years that the best move for the Dallas Independent School District would be to break it up into five or six smaller ISDs. Now the Lege is considering doing just that.

“This isn’t Russia, Danny. Is this Russia?”

I have yet to understand why the Bill of Rights is void on college campuses.

Monday Roundup: Yes Do Nothing, Charity Strategery, Blue Law Blues & More

Challenge: Find the emptiest statement by the emptiest suit. Answer: While hotel opponents say the facility is predestined to lose money, the mayor contends that developing the hotel is a reasonable risk considering “the biggest risk is that you do nothing.” Explanation: Doing nothing won’t cost $550 million, ruin the city’s credit, and result in an empty 1,200-room downtown dormitory that will probably get foreclosed on, just like the city-owned convention center hotel in St. Louis was, just a few years after HVS told St. Louis exactly what it told Dallas.

While local charities are struggling, Mr. Obama (peace be upon Him) wants to soak those greedy rich by limiting their deductions for charitable giving. Strategery!

Headline you just don’t see everyday: “Abilene woman dies from ram injuries.”

OK, my dirty little secret — I don’t drink anymore except special occasions. Granted, everything seems special when you’re on the wagon, but hey, whatev. So I got nothing to gain, anyway, but who could be against overturning the 19th Century prohibition on selling liquor on Sundays, which Texas is considering?

So now even Pat Buchanan is turning against the failed War on Drugs?

What’s disturbing about this video of what may be a kidnapping and may be just a prank outside a Plano Wal*Mart isn’t the potential kidnapping, per se, but the fact that no one in the parking lot even looked twice despite it being in broad daylight and crowded.

Friday Roundup: Rushed Edition*

A couple in Parker County learn that you can’t count on 911 when you’re in trouble, but you can count on something else.

First zombies, now werewolves.

Here’s your Friday morning feel-good.

* (I have a ton of work and I’m trying to go see Watchmen this morning.)

Thursday Roundup: Harshing Drug Warriors’ Mellow, It’s Dead Jim, Twitter Twaddle & More

  • A rare moment of near sanity in the War on Certain Drugs: a Fort Worth guy whose brother hid drugs in his house was sentenced to just probation. Now, this is a guy who wasn’t a dealer, has no criminal record, and passed drug tests for two years. Sure, he knew they were there, but who narcs out family? Naturally, narcotics officers are livid. They should probably smoke a fattie and chill out.
  • Angela Hunt declares the Trinity Tollway dead. Given the levees a-gone break and the city’s a-gone broke, hard to disagree with her diagnosis.
  • Magic Eight Ball sez: Unlikely. (You just know the real winner is going to get hunted after a secret online auction in Hostel II.)
  • Here’s at least one thing Rep. Joe Barton of Texas shouldn’t apologize for: tweeting “Aggie basketball game is about to start on espn2 for those of you that aren’t going to bother watching pelosi smirk for the next hour.” We need more of this, not less.
  • Want two reasons the Democrats are going to lose control of the House in 2010? There‘s the first. And there’s the second. (Smells so much like 1993, don’t it? Thank you, Mr. Obama — you are generous. Oh, and Mr. Holder — Molon Labe. We were ready for it, this time.

Wednesday Roundup: Lousy Sex Ed, Wifebeaters, Tax on Stupidity & More

  • Now at the UT Arlington campus — where friends of many colors come together, if only through Photoshop — they’re hosting the “Human Race Machine” which shows you how you’d look if you were another race. Or, as I like to call it, Photoshop.
  • First Lesson: You can’t win a lottery you didn’t enter. (Second Lesson: You can’t win the lottery.)
  • OK, I’ll host the thing. Don’t like the company’s message; hate busybody scolds even more, though.

Monday Roundup: You Can’t Spell Disdain without D-I-S-D, Bolton Fired Again, Yoga is De Debil, Twitter Twaddle & More

Friday Roundup: DART Still Losing Money, Unsafer Dallas & More

  • Dallas SWAT are cooling their heels at President Bush’s new house. Which means poker games, neighbors of people with warrants, small-time pot smokers, and barking dogs won’t be getting shot up.
  • There’s money to be made in banning cell phones while driving. So you know the Texas Lege is all over it like a hostage on a ham sandwich.

Tuesday Roundup: More Crooked Cops, The Death of Choice, Aliens & More

  • False arrest, police lying until a videotape shows reality doesn’t jibe with their accounts, a pattern of illegal searches, civil rights violationsand all the DPD officers involved remain on duty. I’ve heard this song before. And the first commenter calls the officers in question the “good guys.” This is where we are?
  • “A restaurant, a bar, is private property, and you the customer have the choice of whether you go in or you don’t,” said Patrick Dixon, chairman of the Texas Libertarian Party. If you’re a nonsmoker, “there are other places that will cater to you.” Why is this so hard to understand? No one else see where this is leading?
  • Robert Guest gives us the 411 about the (let’s be hopefulsome) coming impeachment of a judge — Sharon Keller – who deserves it. And maybe a little jail time, to boot.

Monday Roundup: Criminal Law Generator, Tally Me Homeless, Aging Boomers & More

  • This is awesome. Robert Guest has created an easy-to-use formula for generating new criminal laws in Texas. (This is important since the Lege measures success by how many new laws — no matter how asinine — they pass in a session.)
  • This week is the annual counting of the homeless. And next week we’ll have the annual running of the homeless. I remember the first time I ran with them, inspired by Hemingway. Guy next to me got gored by one of the horns. Dangerous? Sure. But what a festival.
  • I get the feeling this is the kind of guy who isn’t happy unless he’s bellyaching about something, and that if he considers carpet fuzz in a creek a “nightmare” then there’s really no consoling him.
  • From Dallas-based NCPA: Baby Boomers are getting really, horribly old, and they’re going to cost us way too much in Social Security, health care, mom jeans, Botox, and retirement. I submit once again a solution I’ve been proposing since the 1980s for the Baby Boomers: Carousel.