Monday Update: Independent Social Security, Basketball Blowouts, Buffalo Bob in Dallas & More

  • Everyone knows the story of the 100-0 girls’ basketball shutout, and now the coach of the winning team has been fired for disagreeing with the apology to the losing team. My only question: Why did the losing coach field a team in competition that he knew was so obviously unready? If they wanted to play for fun, play for fun, but don’t enter high school sports if you’re not ready for it.
  • Know how this could have been prevented? How about the 12-year-old kid’s parents bother checking on their son’s text messages to see if a creepy adult man is texting the child love notes? I know my 5-year-old will want an iPhone or Sidekick or whatever the latest gadget is in a few years. And I’ll get it for her. But do you think she’ll send a single text or email that I don’t look at? Now, I’m not singling out these parents — and this kid’s parents haven’t done anything like this so far; I cite them as a jumping off point for discussion — but generally what happens in cases like this is the parents end up demanding more regulation of communications which burdens the rest of us (COPA, Online Decency Act), instead of just taking the effort to raise their own child.
  • And speaking of creepy. I suspect we’ll be having an increase in the number of dates involving lines like “Does this handkerchief smell like chloroform?” (one of my favorite pickup lines), because someone may be making a lady-skin coat.

Friday Roundup: Science 1-Mythology 0, Gay Divorcees, Nosy Census Workers & More

  • Memo to the “Free Market Foundation” — Come on. Be honest. Are you equally as insistent that science texts teach the “strengths and weaknesses” of other scientific theories, like gravity? No, it’s just code. Also, please change your group’s name; there’s nothing “free market” about trying to use government schools to force your creation stories on students. Preach your beliefs in church or in your home. I mean, I don’t come to your chapel and try to force math on you, do I? Thanks. Best, Trey. PS — Hail C’thulu.
  • Ugh. Census time is coming up again in North Texas. A bunch of people you wouldn’t give the time of day are about to start asking you nosy, intrusive questions. If you get the long form, you will get questions on everything from what time you leave for work (you really want to tell that to someone who can’t do better than a part-time Census job?) to what kind of money you make. But in reality, the only question they are Constitutionally authorized to ask — and that you are legally required to answer — is how many people are in your household. Answer that question and then tell them to sod off. Is this just another privacy pet peeve of mine? No, data gathered by the Census has been used time and again for nefarious purposes, like rounding up Americans of Japanese descent, or harassing Americans of Arab descent.
  • Check this video of a fight outside Wish Ultra Lounge.

Quote of the day: “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.” - Jules Renard

Merry Christmas

No scheduled blogging this week. Still too much to get done before Christmas, and then after it.

So go have fun, and let’s get back together next week.

Happy holidays.

Bettie Page, RIP

Probably reveals more than you wanted to know about my twisted psyche, but I always loved Bettie Page. She died yesterday. The world (at least for men) was better for her being here, and lessened by her passing.

Here are some galleries (NSFW) celebrating her career.

In Print Today: My Second Marathon Column

OK, a little more earnest than the first one I wrote about the experience of marathon day, and more about the motives behind it, and the guy who inspired me just by his example. Humor here, slightly more serious in today’s Dallas Morning News.

(I’ve about milked that first run for all I can. Now I have to run next year at age 40 to gin up new material.)

Happy Birthday, Cindy

My bride turns 41 today. Aside from our daughter, she’s been the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. And come on — does she even look a day over 30? Hot stuff.

Into the Air, Junior Birdmen!

I have discovered my next hobby. If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, there you go.

Wednesday Roundup: Gay Old Time, Mass Transit Hysteria & More

  • My friend Jacob Sullum — honestly, I have no idea where this guy finds the time to write so much — explains so even the thickest brow social conservative can understand why the gays should be free to marry and adopt, and why it’s none of government’s business in the first place. Meanwhile, the lower primate wing of the GOP will likely take this poll on (most) black people’s attitudes about gays to mount another dead-end offensive. Meanwhile, a few Republicans are starting to get it.
  • The best hope from this story? The “new plan is too ambitious and, perhaps worse, too complicated to pass the Legislature.” Which is nice. Because as hard as it may be for the backers of mass transit schemes to believe, we might need those hundreds of millions a year more than they do. If your idea is so great, you pay for it. Don’t force the rest of us to.
  • The actual content of the story here contradicts the headline. And this one, too. The lazy headline writer trifecta is in play. Submit your find.

Happy Thanksgiving

Now get off the computer and go spend some time with your family.

We’ll be right back after this holiday weekend. Unless I get bored or a wild hair.

In Print: My Thanksgiving Column

I didn’t even realize it, but my column wherein I try to explain Thanksgiving to my 5-year-old ran in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News.

Let me know what you think, dear readers.