Possibly Unrelated. But I Have My Doubts.



All Kidding Aside, Are You People Kidding?


Am I the only one who throws up a little when he sees grown men and women crying in public over the death someone they don’t personally know?

attachmentIs there some virtue you gain by acting serious and somber over same?

Is the media going to give even a fraction of the attention when someone like Neil Armstrong kicks the bucket?

Yes, the decision of a jury of 12 people establishes a legal status — guilty or not guilty — that the government should be bound to. But do you really believe the opinion of 12 establishes reality? What I’m asking is — does anyone really believe that Michael Jackson wasn’t a child molester?

If you really believe he wasn’t a kiddie diddler, would you have let your kid spend a weekend at Michael’s house? Honestly?

Are you really the king of something when you haven’t done anything noteworthy in the field in two decades?

So if death forgives, when I croak do I get a pass on selling all that cheese at high schools a few years back?

Who thinks Mark Sanford and the Mullahs in Iran are on their knees right now saying thank you?

Blanket? Blanket? Seriously?