The Qwillery interviews me about Spear of Destiny

We talk about everything from my favorite writers and the challenges of writing alternate history to my own weird writing quirks. Check it out.

Please welcome Trey Garrison to The Qwillery as part of the 2012 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. Trey’s debut novel, The Spear of Destiny, will be published in 3 e-parts starting in December 2012. A print version will follow. You may read Trey’s Guest Blog – On zombies, Nazis, robots and cowboys: Writing the book was the easy parthere.

The first part, Black Sun Reich, is out on December 18, 2012.

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Part One of my book downloads in one week

This is from the press release. You can pre-order at or

Part One: Black Sun Reich will download on Dec. 18. Talk about a perfect Christmas present.

Action! Adventure! Steampunk!
Trey Garrison combines pulp, diesel-punk, and a horde of power-hungry zombie-making Nazis in the first of his three-part alternate history novel

Equal parts adventure, snark, diesel-punk creations, and mind-bending alternate history, Black Sun Reich is pulp novel straight out of the 1920s—except it’s not. The author describes it as “…genre-mashing alternate history Nazi zombie supernatural comedy adventure with robots, cowboys and monsters.” And that doesn’t begin to cover it.

Black Sun Reich: Part One of three in The Spear of Destiny, the first novel in a new steampunk, horror, alternate history, action-adventure comedy series set in a 1920s where the Nazis have begun their subjugation of the world using the occult, advanced science, and a holy relic with awesome powers.

And don’t miss the other parts of this serialized novel – Part Two: Death’s Head Legion and Part Three: Shadows Will Fall. All are available now for pre-order on and Part 1 will download Dec. 18, part 2 will download Jan. 2, and part 3 will download on Jan. 22. The book is being published by the Voyager imprint of Harper Collins.

Trey Garrison recaptures the unapologetic adventure, wonder and excitement of the classic pulp fiction of the 1930s and 1940s, blending elements of steampunk with deeply-researched historical fiction and a good dose of humor. The novel also explores major philosophical and moral issues relevant to our contemporary world: the trade-off between security and liberty, the morality of pre-emptive war, and what fundamentally separates good from evil.

The North American continent is made up of several rival nations, and a Cold War is building between them. The Nazis rose to power a decade earlier. People travel by airship and powerful organizations calculate with Babbage’s Difference Engine. The Nazis have hatched a plot to raise a legion of undead soldiers.

Enter Sean Fox Rucker, Jesus D’Anconia Lago, two Great War veterans and freelance pilots who are pulled into the quest. They are joined by a brash Greek merchant, a brilliant Jewish cowboy, and the woman who once broke Rucker’s heart. This ragtag band of reluctant, bickering, swashbuckling heroes soon is locked in a globe-spanning race against Nazi occultists, clockwork assassins, and a darkly charismatic commando. In a world where science and the supernatural co-exist, and the monsters of legend are as real necromancers who summon them from dark realms, our heroes alone stand before the rising darkness. But all their efforts may not be enough.

Praise for The Spear of Destiny:
“Imagine an alternate version of some of history’s great events combined with a blissfully diabolical imagination. Add a cast of rogue characters and a storytelling ability that leaves you breathless. The result is Trey Garrison’s excellent debut novel, THE SPEAR OF DESTINTY, a book full of dry humor and page-turning action, sure to leave you wanting more.”
—Harry Hunsicker, Author of The Contractors and former EVP of the Mystery Writers of America

About the Author:
Trey Garrison has been a newspaperman, a magazine writer, and a soldier of misfortune. He’s a master in the kitchen, great at the gun range, and decent at Kung Fu. THE SPEAR OF DESTINY is his debut novel. He lives in Texas.

My guest blog at The Qwillery about Nazis, zombies, robots and cowboys

I talk to the editors at The Qwillery about the challenges of world creation and writing alternate history. In the course of it, I out myself as a nerd.

Here’s a peek:

Describing THE SPEAR OF DESTINY was about as hard as writing it. I’m still not 100 percent sure I’ve got it down pat. Along the way, I’ve made a few mistakes. Let me explain.

The last thing I want to do is invoke the ire of steampunk purists. I love the purists in any fan base. I am one. As far as I’m concerned, there is no Star Trek outside the 23rd Century and The Empire Strikes Back was the last Star Wars movie they made. Barry Allen is still dead, zombies shamble slowly, Han shot first, and Superman wears red underwear over his blue tights.

But early on when THE SPEAR OF DESTINY was being pitched it picked up the steampunk label. I’m not sure if it was my agent or my editor. It was hard enough distilling the description down to “genre-mashing alternate history Nazi zombie supernatural comedy adventure with robots, cowboys and monsters.” (Somehow, “Indiana Jones meets Shaun of the Dead” sounded too much like a bad pitch to Griffin Mill in The Player.) I don’t know how the label got thrown in there.

Read the whole thing here: On zombies, Nazis, robots and cowboys: Writing the book was the easy part

The covers for parts 1-3 of my book

Parts one, two and three are now available for pre-order at and

Part one will download Dec. 18, 2012. Part two will download Jan. 2, 2013 and part three on Jan. 22, 2013. After that the print version will be available.

If you’re so inclined, you can join my fan page on Facebook, where I’ll keep you updated on the latest news.

Latest word from my agent, by the way is that he’s already getting inquiries from TV and film producers. Fingers crossed.

Here are the covers for all three parts.

Part 1

Part 2Part 3

My Novel Is Being Published — A Two-Book Deal!

It’s been sort of a quiet open secret among friends, but now I can say it to the world…


We made the official announcement to Publisher’s Marketplace today, where all deals are first announced. Now I can share the details. It’s a two-book deal. The first book is to be published and available Dec. 18, 2012, through Harper Voyager, the sci-fi imprint for Harper Collins.

Here’s the press release:

Trey Garrison’s debut novel, THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, the first in the alternate history steam-punk “Far Ranger” series, is set in a very different 1920s where the North American continent is comprised of rival nations, and science and the supernatural co-exist. Great War veterans and freelance pilots Sean Rucker and Jesus D’Anconia Lago are reluctantly pulled into a quest to save the world. Will Hinton at Harper Voyager is the editor for publication. It will be published in three parts starting December 2012. Trey is represented by David Hale Smith at Inkwell Management in a two-book deal.

Yes, it’s got robots, zombies, Nazis and cowboys.

(Pictured: My mood)

This has been a long-time coming and I owe a lot of people thanks for their patience, input, faith and encouragement. (My wife Cindy, my dog Harley, and friends Amy F, Aaron B, Harry H, Eric C, David Hale Smith, Adam E, Will Hinton — you all know who you are).

Thank you all.

Here is the long version of the synopsis:

It’s a very different 1928. The North American continent is comprised of several rival nations, the Nazis came to power in Germany a decade sooner, and science and the supernatural co-exist.
The Nazis have hatched a plot to raise a legion of undead soldiers. An anti-Nazi faction within the Third Reich recruits a young Prussian doctor, Dr. Kurt von Deitel, to find help in the West to stop this devious plan.
Enter Sean Fox Rucker and Jesus D’Anconia Lago, two Great War veterans and freelance pilots who are reluctantly pulled into the quest. They are joined by a brash Greek merchant, a brilliant Jewish cowboy, and the woman who once broke Rucker’s heart.
The heroes race against Nazi clockwork assassins, a charismatic commando, a telekinetic sadist, and transgenic man-beasts known as wehr-wolves. The quest takes them around the world, with settings both familiar and exotic: Colombia, Austin, the capital of the Union States in New York City, a floating city over the Caribbean, Rome, and Poenari Castle in Transylvania. Along the way, they encounter well-known historical figures and uncover the shocking truth about the Spear of Destiny.
THE SPEAR OF DESTINY recaptures the unapologetic adventure, excitement and suspense of the classic pulp fiction of the 1930s and 1940s, along with a touch of Steampunk, historical fiction and a good dose of humor. Yet it also alludes to philosophical and moral issues relevant to our world today: the trade-off between security and liberty, the morality of pre-emptive war, and what fundamentally separates good from evil.

Here’s The Video of My Fox 4 Discussion on Gun Rights

Texas Could Soon Allow Guns at Work:

I’ll Be on Fox 4 Tonight at 9 p.m.

Not doing a perp walk or being ambushed by a reporter. I’ll be discussing a gun rights bill currently under debate in Austin.EvilAssaultWeapon

Check it out if you can. It’s going to be sometime in the 9 p.m. broadcast.

(Question: Bow tie or no? I wear a bow tie now. Bow ties are cool.)

Concealed Carry and College Campuses

My column about why the Second Amendment and the rights of CHL holders shouldn’t be considered void on college campuses is up at is a new site I’m writing for and there are a few bugs as with any new publication. So forgive a few editing errors that pop up.

Here’s a taste.

“I was shot through the left thigh, both hips and right shoulder and I survived by playing dead,” said Colin Goddard, a survivor of the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 who is now a student at the University of Texas in Austin.

He told his emotional story to try to sway Texas lawmakers to reject a coming bill in the 2011 legislative session that will add one more place that concealed handgun license holders are allowed while armed – college campuses.

“I was there that day. That was the craziest day of my life with one person with two guns. I can’t imagine what it would have been like with multiple students with multiple guns,” he said.

I can imagine it. And it’s not some Pollyanna scenario. It’s based on the facts on the ground at Virginia Tech in 2007

and in Texas in 1991 and 1966.

But before I get into that, I have to tell you this isn’t new territory for me. Nor is it for Texas. Texans have been fighting an incremental fight to expand gun rights that started with the massacre at a Luby’s in Killeen, Texas.

The massacre and its aftermath should be required reading for all sides in the gun debate.

Read the rest here.

You Wanna Meet the Real Me Now?

Tomorrow begins a new era on this mighty blog.

Lemme ‘splain.

"You wanna meet the real me now?"

"You wanna meet the real me now?"

When I haven’t neglected my blog I’ve posted with one hand tied behind my back. For some reason I had in my mind I should tone it down for the sake of respectability. Like a good writer should worry about being reputable.

I have no idea what I was thinking. By offering watered-down, gelded and respectable posts here, I wasn’t doing you any favors. Or me.Not-a-single-fuck-was-given-that-day And I’m at an age where I really don’t give a crap about people who don’t want to take me as I am, or who need the world made Nerf.

So, starting tomorrow this blog gets its man back on. You get to meet the real me, uncensored and not giving a shit. I don’t care if I offend you, entertain you or make you cry. It’s my name on this shack. You don’t like it, go be a crybaby someplace else.

It’s going to rude, immature, mean and frankly funny as hell. If you like rude, immature and mean humor. Come on back or stay the hell of my lawn, kids.

Star Children’s Charity Responds To My Article in D Magazine

Cover_bigMy boss man over at D Magazine has posted a response we got from Star Children’s Charity to my story in the January issue of D.

As Tim notes, the money graph in my story is this.

A look at Star’s most recent IRS Form 990 provides insight. It shows that in 2008 Star brought in $979,081 in donations and grants. It spent $522,554 on administrative costs and fundraising events. So the organization spent 53 cents for every dollar it raised, quite a high figure. The national average is about 20 cents. That year, Star doled out just $367,764 to its partner charities. 2009 was worse. Star doled out only $294,000, and it spent $1.57 for every dollar it raised.

Here’s what they sent both Tim and me.

Your recent article negatively portraying Star Children’s Charity is a disappointment to our Board of Directors, members, sponsors, beneficiaries and so many others in Collin County whose goal it is to make life better for the children of our community.

The accusation that Star is one of the reasons that Crossroads Family Services was folded into Boys and Girls Club is one of several egregious misstatements. The article also infers that Star has not distributed funds to Crossroads. The fact is that we have distributed a total of $661,000 to our beneficiaries including Crossroads.

Star is a well-run volunteer organization led by business owners and leaders, corporate executives and community philanthropists. The cumulative Management and General Expense for our organization is 10% compared to an acceptable industry average of 12% to 20%. Star also compares favorably to the national non-profit benchmarks for the cost to raise a dollar with our expenses for fundraisers between 5 cents to 57 cents for each dollar raised.

But the most disrespectful part of your article was in demeaning the beneficiary agencies. These institutions are known for their stewardship and their integrity and we are grateful to be a part of their important missions for children. We invite your readers to visit our website, to see for themselves that we are a well managed organization dedicated to providing funding and leadership to important community organizations.


Michelle Brennan Hall, Chairman, Board of Directors
Michael Urtso, Treasurer, Board of Directors
Ronelle Ianace, Executive Director

Submitted and mirrored from here without comment. You decide.