Brilliant Defense of Southern Heritage from a Liberal, Muslim Doctor


I am tired of apologising. I apologised for being Muslim, post-9/11 and more recently for my Pakistani origins. Now, I apologise for being a southerner too. When an environmental catastrophe erupted in my backyard, I looked to the media to scvlogo2tell our stories and instead, found quotes from experts ruminating on energy policy. Where are the restaurant owners in the French Quarter who still haven’t caught their breath after Katrina swallowed their lives? What about the fishermen? While recently rubbing elbows with fellow liberals from the east and west coasts, I felt that their disdain for the lives of the south was palpable. This led to my quest: to understand why mouths drip with condescension for the south, and particularly its people.

Read the full column here.

(Naturally she had to seek publication in a British newspaper.)

Monday Roundup: Look, This is Free So Quit Griping

I’m sure this $100 million deficit has nothing to do with the city’s powerful leadership or well-considered priorities.

This guy needs to talk to these guys.

I find it surprising that no one wanted his byline on this story. And Miss Congeniality 2? Not quite as awesome as I expected.

Bethany continues the fight with TXU.

Click it or ticket — they can stick it, Robert Guest says.

Emily Ramshaw: Star Power

Emily has been honored as a Star Reporter of the Year by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and the Headliners Foundation of Texas.

Thumbs up.

The Power of Independent Blogs

uhBethany Anderson demonstrates the growing influence of independent blogs.

Late yesterday afternoon (5 p.m. exactly), Bethany outed the Vote No! campaign for using Councilmember Angela Hunt‘s picture and quotes on their web site in yet another dishonest and desperation tactic. A few emails from her and a few hours later, Angela Hunt was all over it, the print press (Dallas Observer and Dallas Morning News) picked up on it, and the Vote No! folks conceded their underhanded tactic and pulled the pics and quotes.

Score another one for the independent bloggers.