Why Principle Is More Important Than Pragmatism

On deadline again and dealing with family stuff, but meanwhile, this may be one of the more brilliant pieces I’ve read lately.


At the heart of the Left’s indulgence of political corruption lies the mistaken conviction that “public service” transforms politicians into exemplars of civic virtue, or that political office attracts a large percentage of such civic-minded individuals. In reality, the political class is even more greedy and selfish than wealthy businessmen… because they spend much of their time in the company of such wealthy men, and believe themselves entitled to riches and luxuries. Max Baucus doubtless attends a lot of campaign events sponsored by rich supporters who can afford to fly their girlfriends to Europe for a romantic getaway, and he believes himself morally and intellectually superior to these men – the remorseless logic of statism demands it. It only makes sense to place politicians in control of industry if they’re better than the industrialists they control, after all.

Doctor Zero doesn’t spare the right-wing trough-feeders, either. Full piece here.

Good Question


Reason’s Tim Cavannaugh presents a poignant interrogative:

Why do liberals hate pussy?

From Austin: DJ Subsonic’s “I Own Me”

Still on deadline x 4 now, so just for fun, via Reason, Austin’s own NeemaV aka DJ Subsonic.

Lawyers, Guns & Money: Challenge to Chicago Law Could Restore Economic Liberty

Still on deadline, so not much from me this week. But here’s fellow Dallasite and Reasonoid Jacob Sullum on how the challenge to Chicago’s oppressive anti-gun laws could be a boon for economic liberty.

The right to weapons was one of the liberties frequently cited by the 14th Amendment’s backers, since disarmed blacks were defenseless against attacks by Klansmen and local officials. As reflected in post–Civil War legislation that the amendment was intended to reinforce, its supporters also were concerned about economic liberty: the right to own and exchange property, make and enforce contracts, and work in the occupation of one’s choice—all freedoms the Southern states tried to deny former slaves.

Sept. 11 — Try Not to Touch Yourself

Orwell’s name is more worn out than airline jokes, but there’s a reason.

Today’s Moment of Clarity

Today is the anniversary of the day used to justify warrantless searches, citizen scrutiny, expanded wiretaps, and legalized torture.

We call it Freedom Day.

Creepy Collectivism from Mike Brady Mr. Obama


If you quit on school, you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country….

Don’t ever give up on yourself, because when you give up on yourself, you give up on your country.

Fellow Dallasite and Reasonoid Jacob Sullum has the goods here.

Hunt: Why More Debt Is a Dumb Idea When You’re Broke

Via Angela Hunt:

Why More Debt Is A Dumb Idea When You’re Broke

You know, the devil’s in the details when it comes to just about everything.  Especially government, and most especially, government budgets. Take next year’s proposed city budget.

I’ve been through this thing line by line, with a fine tooth comb, ever since we got the “final draft” in early August.  It’s a lot to digest.  Lots of numbers and all.  But some numbers are more important than others, and right now I want to focus on debt and its effect on our bottom line.

The city borrows money to make major infrastructure improvements, like constructing new libraries and police stations, building new roads, putting in new playgrounds in our parks.  These are bond projects approved by voters.  When we borrow money for these projects, we’re essentially putting them on the city’s credit card…

Read the rest here.

Sorry Lois, I’ve Been Kind of Busy…


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Back from Vacay — Need Patience and Your Input

Back from a week on the beach, but I’m playing catchup on all the real-world work, so please bear with me.

Also, I may be modifying the format here before long since doing a daily roundup gets to be more a chore sometimes, rather than the fun it’s meant to be. I notice, too, I get more response from the random, entirely self-generated content — my rants and what all — than the skewed, Archie Bunkeresque take on the daily news in Dallas that is not at all a blatant ripoff of Leading Off at my main publication. I get so burned out I rarely even Twitter like I used to, and that’s less than 140 characters. Meanwhile, I forget to do off-the-cuff essays in response to crap like the backpage commentary from Sunday’s Points section from that depressing Frog essayist who needs a good kick in the ass. I suppose him being French is punishment enough, though.

Still — there are some days I enjoy the roundup, so I’m still trying to figure out the right balance and how to avoid this becoming a grind, while giving you a reason to come back everyday without tapping all my energies I need for the stuff that pays the bills and writes the wrongs. (Catch that one? Gotta use that sometime.)

So– call to action. Talk to me. I’d love your input on what you like most, what would keep you coming back, what generates the most interesting discussion, and so on, while I continue catching up on my to-do list in my day job as Clark Kent.

Friday Surrender

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